San Andreas 2 (Film) is released on June 9, 2017...

Plot Edit

After Raymond "Ray" Gaines (Dwayne Johnson) rescues her, now Blake Gaines (Alexandra Daddario) will be a Los Angeles Fire Department Helicopter Rescue Pilot. Emma Gaines is now the Los Angeles Fire Department Helicopter Operator and the teenage boy name Leonardo Gaines (Matthew Daddario) the son of Raymond "Ray" Gaines and Emma Gaines an upcoming trip to San Antonio, TX. Meanwhile the new seismologist, Mary Cooper (Kate Winslet) and his colleague Ray Kates (Matt Bush) are at the mountains when an unknown fault nereby ruptures, triggering a massive earthquake which collapses the hills, he rescues the young girl from the valley and it's safe. After Blake called at work, Leonardo wanted to go with Daphne Curtis (A.J. Cook) to San Antonio. Mary discovers that the San Andreas fault is starting to shift, causing the massive earthquake that starts ripping apart major cities along the fault line. Leonardo and Daphne went to Sea World to have fun. Leonardo wants to choose a new friend, and he choose Grace Angel (Lilly Roberson) who was playing with her sister Lucy Angel (Abby Chapman) she watches Sesame Street concert in Sea World.
San Andreas 2 (Film)

Cast Edit

Dwayne Johnson as Raymond "Ray" Gaines

Alexandra Daddario as Blake Gaines

Matthew Daddario as Leonardo Gaines

Carla Gugino as Emma Gaines

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