Natalie Sawyer is a young woman who is rescued after her car becomes stuck on the side of a cliff.

She is played by Australian actress Morgan Griffin.

Natalie Sawyer
Vital statistics
Position Subaru Forester
Age ca. 20 (2015) Birthd.: 05/27/1995 (California Driver Licence)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

San Andreas Edit

Natalie is driving along the San Fernando Valley when a landslide knocks her car off the road and over the side of a cliff, where it becomes stuck. She calls the Los Angeles Fire Department, and they dispatch a rescue helicopter.


Natalie waits to be rescued.

They find her, and one of the rescuers, Joby, rappels down. Natalie asks him to get her out, but he says he needs to stabilise the car first. While doing so, the car slips, and Joby's arm is trapped between the car and the cliff face. Ray then rappels down, and he rips the car door off and pulls Natalie out before the car falls, releasing Joby at the same time.

Quotes Edit

"Oh my God, the car is sliding!"