Marcus Crowlings is a member of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

He is played by Todd Williams. 

Marcus Crowlings
Vital statistics
Position Member of the LAFD
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 5' 11½"
Weight Unknown

San Andreas Edit

Marcus, Ray, Harrison, and Joby set out to rescue a woman named Natalie after her car is stuck on the side of a cliff. When they find her, Joby heads down to stabilise the car. But he is trapped after the car partly slips. Ray rappels down to assist. The car slips again, and the rope used to stabilise the car jerks the helicopter to the side. Marcus sees the helicopter won't hold up much longer, and Ray finally rescues Natalie just as the car falls.

Quotes Edit

"Dude, do we look like family?"

"Joby's pinned!"

“This thing isn’t going to hold!”