Kim is a seismologist and colleague of Lawrence.

He is played by Will Yun Lee.

Kim Park
Vital statistics
Position Seismologist
Age Unknown
Status Deacesed
Physical attributes
Height 5' 9"
Weight Unknown

In San Andreas Edit

Lawrence and Kim have recently created a model that predicts earthquakes. They

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Kim rescues a young girl.

head to the Hoover Dam to test it out. However, a nearby fault ruptures, triggering a massive earthquake. While getting off the dam, Kim sees a young girl, and picks her up. While running to safety, a large crack opens up in front of him. He tosses the girl to Lawrence. He tries to get up, but sees a metal pole is shoved through his foot. The dam then collapses, and Kim dies.

Quotes Edit

"We're about to have a major quake."

"Close your eyes."