Daniel Riddick is a real estate developer, Susan's brother, and Emma's new boyfriend.

He is played by Ioan Gruffudd.

Daniel Riddick
Vital statistics
Position Real estate developer
Age Unknown, possibly late 40's
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 6'
Weight Unknown

San Andreas Edit

Daniel has an upcoming business meeting in San Francisco. Blake goes there with him before he drops her off at college.

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Daniel talks with Emma, Blake, and Ray.

After the meeting, Daniel collects Blake, and they get into a car with a chauffeur, then the earthquake begins. The chauffeur steps on the gas, and they head for the nearest exit. But the floor under them collapses, and they land in the underground car park. Several concrete slabs crush the car, and the chauffeur is killed. Blake's legs are trapped, and Daniel leaves for help, despite Blake's protests. He asks a few people for help, but they are all panicked, and no one listens. Daniel takes off himself, leaving Blake by herself. However, his attempts to get help are overheard by Ben and Ollie who rescue Blake. After learning what Daniel did from Blake, Emma leaves him a voicemail promising to kill Daniel herself for abandoning her daughter if Daniel isn't already dead.

Later, Daniel has joined a large group of people evacuating the city on foot. An aftershock strikes, causing a building to collapse. This generates a huge dust cloud, which billows towards the crowd. Daniel sees several people hiding in an alleyway, and he runs over. Daniel grabs a man and throws him onto the street, and he takes the man's hiding spot. The man attempts to get up, but is blown away by the dust cloud.

Afterwards, Daniel, along with several other people, are on the Golden Gate Bridge when the tsunami strikes. A container ship, carried by the tsunami, tips, and the containers it was carrying spill onto the bridge. One crushes Daniel, killing him instantly.

Quotes Edit

"Go, go, go, get us out of here!"